Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shit do Happen in our life.. once in a while..

Its been a week i live my life without my E72. There's nothing funny about it. I've been thru diz before.. living my life without a cellphone for a year?! In diz modern days?? My frens says.. "Even primary school kid have cellphone!" And the best question is.. "How u survived??!"
Well.. it's not really as bad as u all imagine. I make sure i leave house with coins in my pocket.. And if i were to meet my friend, i always got the opportunity to choose where or when to meet 'em. Of course I will choose anywhere with PUBLIC PHONE! hehe.. and just make sure my coins are enuff. And if i feel like i want to stay at home.. i just don't call 'em.. hahahaa... thay have no choice but to wait for my call.. which will never happen! HAHAHAHA.. XD
Well.. That was last year.. before i bought my E72. The perfect phone i ever had. It was stolen! Shit!
But... what to do.. Shit do happens in our life.. at least once in a while. How do i handle this? Hmm... I google a new phone model to buy.. Hahaha..


  1. no worries. a big surprise is waiting for U :)

  2. and... i'm still waiting for the big surprise... wonder if there is any..


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