Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merlin Jr

MJ punya parents.. Chiyo & Merlin
First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all who celebrate it!

Just a short update for diz morning (or noon). I wake up early today! Well... 10am is consider early lah for weekend or public holiday. I normally will sleep until noon.. or worst. Ngeee...
Anyway.. bising betul pagi tadi... i tot ada Santa Claus mau datang. Jingle Bells... Jingle Bells... Loceng diorang berbunyi! Not only the kittens.. the parents (Chiyo & Merlin) pun join sama! Aduhh.... !
Part loceng aku boleh tahan lagi... Part Merlin knocking on my door... tak boleh tahan! Merlin macam tau2 ja that i am awake.. Hmm... animal instinct? Rupa2nya Zulee awal pagi lagi sudah keluar p Keramat and tak prepare breakfast untuk diorang! Huhuhu...

It was Last year on this day, Merlin & Chiyo came into our life.. they were gift from my sister. Today.. on the very same date.. i'm goin to send MJ to his new family. Its not easy for me.. but i have to. MJ pla macam faham2 ja... he never likes to play with Chiko.. But today.. they're so close to each other! Chiko normally will not share her toys with any of them.. but today.. she shared it with MJ! Cute!

I hope.. MJ's new family will love him as much as we do.. and will take good care of him. I know i will miss him... and coming soon.. Chiko's and Shiro's turn.
We treated them as part of the family.. Never as pets.

hari ke-3 diorang datang... happy dapat botol susu baru!


  1. mmg loving la ko ni eva..kpd binatang hehehe

  2. memang! memang! specially dengan kucing..
    Pernah piara tikus (tikus besar telinga), Hamster (Cici & Catherine), Rabbit (Rabbit & Arnab), Burung (Pemberian Agung!), Kucing (Banyak!) Hahaha..

  3. Bie.. Si Ika sama Si Sai yg suruh kasi nama tu. Chiko pla.. sempena nama Hachiko. Ko pernah tingu ka tu Movie Hachiko tu? Sedih berabis! Lakonan Richard Gere. Bagus kamu tingu.. two thumbs up! Based on true story..


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