Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 with so many memories...

Goodbye 2010.. Welcome 2011...

Me just celebrate new year at home with Zulee, Didie n my Babies..
Not that i don't want to go out and celebrate it with my frenz.. but thinking of the crowds.. and the traffic jam.. and the headache.. so it is best to just sit at home watching new year celebration live from tv. And the best thing of living in an apartment located in the middle of kl with the view of klcc n kl tower.. i still can enjoy the fireworks!

Before that, me and Zulee had our dinner at 'pondok2'.. order special menu.. heheee..

To my family in KK.. Syok la kamurang bikin BBQ ah! Saw my SIL ~ Alnie's status in FB. She prepared 'kuih makmur'.. wah.. i want! i want! I hope my bro Asai will bring some for me when i fetch him, his wife Bibie a.k.a Just and their lovely daughter Lily at LCCT this wednesday (5.01.2011). Tapuuunnn..! Tapuuunnn...!

Best of 2010..
- I joined an affiliate program called 'Infinity Downline' on Feb, and gained more than 20k in just a few months. I learned a lot of things from it.. and got to know a lot of people because of it. Despite all the Haram-Halal issues.. trust.. creativity.. hard work.. it all possible. I quit? No.. actually i didn't.. but my account expired! Hahah! Was having issue with our internet connection at that time.. (tu pun online guna account org lain! hahah!)
Then me and my buddy started new biz. So.. i think I've already gained more than i expected from ID.. time to give chance to others and proceed to next level. But i still do received request from people who wish to join the biz and want to know more bout it.. so i just advice them to check with Celya Tay at or

- Zulee got her new Proton Savvy on June..

- Climb mount Kinabalu

- Chiyo gave birth to 5 cute kittens. 1st kitten - Hiro. Chiyo was having difficulties to deliver her 1st kitten. I was actually wondering why Chiyo keeps chasing me.. and sometimes she bit my toe. Something in the look of her eyes.. somehow i seem to understand what she's trying to tell. As i checked.. the kitten's tail already out! So i put on my glove n helped Chiyo to pull out Hiro's tail while she try hard to push it out!.. i was actually scared that the kitten might already be dead as i know the water bag already broken since the night before.. BUT he was fine.. cute and healthy! So i named him Hiro (Hero!). The rest.. all delivered by Chiyo herself. I just sit near her and watch her do all the amazing job! Hahah!

- Resigned from Kraft Foods Malaysia.. and joined Scicom for Singtel project..

- My SIL ~ Bibie a.k.a Just got new baby girl ~ Ryanna a.k.a Lily.. another new family member for The Andi's.. hehee..

- My brother, Martin engaged (baru ja few days ago!).. sorry bro we were unable to celebrate your engagement day together2.. itu la.. last minute punya planning! Anyway.. congrats!

Hope 2011 will bring more exciting things into my life. And my resolution for 2011 is.. aku mau kasi gemuk sikit badan aku! Hahahah... tired of being called 'Kecik'.. 'Kenit'.. and bla.. bla.. bla..
Kalau lah boleh tambah ketinggian lagi... Hmmm.... well.. DON'T MESS WITH SHORT PEOPLE!

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