Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hiro - Son of Merlin

Hi semua!

Today i want to introduce Hiro.

Ini la Hiro... anak pertama Chiyo & Merlin. Napa nama dia Hiro?? actually aku sudah kastau asal-usul nama dia Hiro.. Tapi tpa la.. biar aku kopi-pas balik tu entry..

- Chiyo was having difficulties to deliver her 1st kitten. I was actually wondering why Chiyo keeps chasing me.. and sometimes she bit my toe. Something in the look of her eyes.. somehow i seem to understand what she's trying to tell. As i checked.. the kitten's tail already out! So i put on my glove n helped Chiyo to pull out Hiro's tail while she try hard to push it out!.. i was actually scared that the kitten might already be dead as i know the water bag already broken since the night before.. BUT he was fine.. cute and healthy! So i named him Hiro (Hero!). The rest.. all delivered by Chiyo herself. I just sit near her and watch her do all the amazing job! Hahah!

Hiro is 3months ++ old now.. He likes to play fetch.. just like his daddy, Merlin. I made a video for Hiro and want to share it with y'all. Now tell me.. why do i need a puppy when my kitten can play like one.. ? hehee..
Kaler putih yg berusaha juga mau rampas bola tu nama dia Hachiko.. hehee..

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