Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hiro latest pict..

Woo.. woo... comelkan????? 
Hiro latest pict. Courtesy of Rayme (Hiro's new guardian)
Rayme tu rajin juga la keep in touch via email.
Dia cakap.. Hiro nakal! Asyik maiiiinnn ja!
Dia bagitau lagi... Hiro takut bunyi pintu!
Thank you Rayme.. Glad to know that Hiro is in a good hand ^^
I haven't heard anything about MJ since we gave him to his new guardian.
Wonder how is MJ doing now...
Miss u MJ..

berebut2 mau masuk


Thanks to my BIL, Mudanoran for the new cat basket/bed..
They all r so excited! Specially CJ


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